What if I told you someone in Jerome has possibly the largest collection of lava lamps in the state of Idaho. Well, I can't tell you that, because I don't have time to do the research, but regardless, one has to admit that it's a pretty far out collection.

A Magic Valley resident has put his/her collection of lava lamps up on Craigslist for all to marvel at. Some of the lamps are rare, according to the site's post under the collectibles category. The collector has apparently reached the point where it's time to depart with a few of these wax-filled, glass tubes. Now, you have the opportunity to transform any room in your home into a 1970s love den.

Those interested in taking a look at these nostalgic pieces, which I hear pair nicely with a Harold & Kumar movie or tab of acid, can schedule an appointment to meet with the seller.

Lava Lamp 2
Lava Lamp 3
Lava Lamps 1

Adding one of these lamps to your bedroom dresser would certainly create the type of vibe ideal for long-haired, male friends, that like to sketch dragons.


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