Greg Jannetta

A Magic Valley homeowner got a hefty surprise this week in the form of an 800 percent increase on her water bill.

Briar Garduno, a Jerome resident who currently lives with a close friend near St. Luke's Jerome Medical Center and pays the utilities on the property, received a $563 water bill from the city, according to information she shared with me.

Briar Garduno

"It's normally roughly about seventy dollars," said Garduno. "Last month it was about one hundred sixty dollars, which is over two times the norm."

When I asked Briar if anything unusual was going on plumbing wise in her neighborhood, she did mention some work had recently been done.

"They (the city) did road work a couple of months ago with the pipes and dug up the whole street," said Garduno. "We think there might be a leak."

Rants Raves Magic Valley

Garduno and her friend, who owns the home, have plans on taking the matter up with the city's water service provider on Wednesday (March 6). Garduno is currently making plans to have a plumber come and inspect the property. Others in the Magic Valley have also taken to the area's rants and raves Facebook page to communicate recent increases with their bills as well.


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