It takes more than just a sharp mind, an iconic voice and an encyclopedic knowledge of football to bring the ‘Madden’ football video games to life. Apparently, it also takes a man-cave that could make even the most hardened soul shed a manly tear.

ESPN’s ‘Grantland’ got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the development of the newest Madden title and part of the process involved chewing over aspects of the game in John Madden’s personal viewing room. The first interesting part of this story is that Madden hates anyone to refer to his viewing room as a “man-cave.” Would a “Madden-cave” suffice?

It’s a massive dark room with a huge retractable 9 by 16 foot projection screen that writer Tom Bissell describes as “the biggest screen imaginable.” That screen is surrounded by nine televisions that might seem small in comparison but at are actually 63-inches in size, all of which are tuned to sports news channels or a live NFL game.

In front of this Stonehenge of coach potato-ry sits a single brown leather throne where the holy deity of football parks his massive frame to discuss the season’s team stats and catch-up on the development of his video game.

Imagine watching porn on those screens, and in John’s case, ‘porn’ refers to old game footage of Brett Favre.

[Via Grantland]

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