The question of "Are you a John Lennon person or a Paul McCartney person" has been asked ever since the Beatles first became famous. A new video seeks to get a definitive answer with the help of 550 celebrities.

ABC News Radio found the above video by Scared Goose Productions, who scoured through 10 years worth of interviews where actors and musicians of all shapes and sizes had been asked to choose between the two Beatles. Among the classic rockers asked were Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith, members of Black Sabbath, Robby Krieger of the Doors and the Band's Robbie Robertson.

Many answered immediately with just one word, while others had trouble deciding, and several people gave long rationalizations for their preference. It appeared that Lennon fans were more immediate in giving their answer, while McCartney fans seemed somewhat apologetic.

You probably don't want to watch all 34 minutes of the video, so here are the totals. Lennon beat McCartney 282-196. Fifty people either gave no answer or said they were equally great. George Harrison received 15 votes and four people preferred Ringo Starr. The remaining four votes were split between non-Beatles Jimi Hendrix, Lou Reed, Keith Richards and Oasis, which was Lars Ulrich's answer.

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