Some people call their grandma, grammy or gram or just grandma. I didn't, I called her "Nanny." My Nanny has passed away, but will never be forgotten.

She passed away in her sleep last weekend so she's no longer in pain, but she will be greatly missed.

I have so many great memories of Nanny. She was not the usual grandma you picture.

She was a short woman, in the four foot area, white hair, petite. She was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey during the Great Depression and she cursed like a sailor.

She was great a math, she could do it all in her head. She always cleaned the house top-to-bottom before anyone came over (I inherited this trait). She loved New York style pizza and a good beer.

She was also Polish. Her mother came to America from Poland and changed their names to blend in better. She didn't speak of it often, but if you recall around that time, it was not good to be a Pole in Poland.

Nanny watched my brother, cousins and I when we were kids so my parents could work. Whenever you left her house, she'd always give you a care package of random canned foods from her pantry.

Nanny's Obituary

Every Christmas she would make chocolate candies.

After dinner we'd always have coffee or tea with a dessert.

She had thee greatest stories, which she'd tell you over-and-over again.

She always sang old songs around the house.

Oh and yes, she did curse like a sailor, but she did it in a loving way. I'm serious, it was not malicious, it was just part of her vocabulary.

I could never forget this memorable woman. It does sadden me though that neither my son nor my husband ever got the chance to meet her.

Inside joke, but we called her "Dirty Gerty!" not to her face, of course.

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