Iron Galaxy is showing off new versions of classic characters and teasing at a few surprises in the latest trailer for the second season of Killer Instinct.

TJ Combo leads off the trailer, unleashing a flurry of powerful blows against Fulgore, followed by Maya, who gives Glacius a painful lesson in dual-wielding. Interesting enough, TJ seems to have followed in the footsteps of Jax from Mortal Kombat by removing his cybernetic implants and fighting with only his natural brawn and skill. While TJ and Maya are the only new additions to Season 2 shown in action, silhouetted characters hint to the return of other KI icons, such as Riptor and Cinder, as well as the addition of five all new fighters.

The trailer also promises to deliver new moves for existing characters, balancing tweaks, additional game modes, enhanced graphics and a revamped online ranking system as the second season goes on. Longtime Killer Instinct fans are sure to be excited by a scene near the end of the video in which TJ delivers a stage finisher, uppercutting his opponent into the path of an oncoming wrecking ball that flings him into a billboard for TJ’s gym.

Killer Instinct Season 2 starts on October 15 on Xbox One.

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