Metallica's Kirk Hammett knows the joys of owning one of the most iconic guitars in music history, and now he's wanting fans and aspiring guitar players to have a chance to own a "Greeny" of their own. As such, he's partnered with Gibson Guitars to recreate the legendary 1959 Les Paul Standard Burst guitar for a mass audience.

The Gibson Custom Shop version is out now, while next month a Les Paul Standard version from Gibson will follow.

“I am very honored and grateful for this opportunity with Gibson,” says Hammett. “To be able to share some of that mojo which ‘Greeny’ has means a lot to me. It’s exciting to know that anyone can experience some of that ‘Greeny’ magic. I truly think these models are just as inspiring as the original and hope you do too!”

In a featurette promoting the new "Greeny," Hammett recalls how he first happened upon the original "Greeny" that has become so iconic. "I was in a record store in Berkeley called Rather Ripped Records, and Gary Moore's first solo album, now that I think about it, I remember flipping the album cover and there was a live shot of Thin Lizzy onstage, outdoor festival during the day and there's a picture of Gary Moore his guitar bent all the way back. I remember looking at that thinking, 'What an amazing live shot. What a cool Les Paul. I wish someday I'd have a Les Paul that cool.'"

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The Metallica guitars says he feels that he was destined to one day own the instrument that had originally been used by Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green then Gary Moore and played by countless talents such as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, George Harrison and Rory Gallagher.

"When I pick up that guitar, it's inspiring me. And the sound, when I hit a note, I just want to stay on it. There's no need to play a bunch of fast notes when one really well-executed note says it all. Greeny has those notes everywhere on the neck," Hammett adds.

As for his reasoning for bringing that experience to others, Hammett explains, "The opportunity to fulfill that wish that other people might have to have their own Greeny is finally coming around with Gibson putting out the most exact version of Greeny that I've ever seen."

“We are excited to continue the evolution of Greeny with the Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab Aged Kirk Hammett ‘Greeny’ 1959 Les Paul Standard, and on April 11 we’ll also be releasing the Gibson Kirk Hammett ‘Greeny’ Les Paul Standard,” adds Cesar Gueikian, Gibson Brand President. “Kirk has been inspiring musicians for decades, starting with his 1979 Gibson Flying V, and over the years expanding his collection across many Gibson guitars. Over the last 10 years since he became the custodian of Greeny, he has incorporated the Greeny sound into everything he does, making it a staple of his Metallica sound on records and on stages around the world. And as I said before, we’re just getting started!”

Hammett says he worked closely to help replicate the instrument, turning his attention to perfecting the "out of phase" middle pick up sound to the original and even making sure there was a "velvet feel" to the worn down neck on the back side.

Get a closer look at the Gibson "Greeny" below and get your orders in here.

Gibson Custom Shop's Kirk Hammett 'Greeny' 1959 Les Paul Standard Trailer

Gibson Custom Chop's Kirk Hammett "Greeny" 1959 Les Paul Standard

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