There was a lot of optimism for the summer when Kiss and Motley Crue announced their joint tour earlier this year. Kiss were wrapping up the ‘Monster’ album and Motley Crue were making plans to trot out a single called ‘Sex’ to go coincide with the start of their collaborative run.

However, getting things set up for Kiss’ ‘Monster’ album release took a little longer than expected and it’s now coming Oct. 16, which has somewhat limited the band in adding new material to their summer run.

Bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons isn’t worried though, as he feels the extra time has allowed ‘Monster’ to be the best release possible. He told Rolling Stone, “Just because you have a lot of ammunition doesn’t mean you have to shoot your wad right away. You have to pace yourself.”

Simmons says he’s extremely happy with their album, adding, “If this was a first record by a new band, I’d be floored.” He says it will be a fully amped-up assault, and the current single, ‘Hell or Hallelujah,’ fits right in with what most fans would want.

He explains, “If you like guitars and drums, this is right up your alley, which is better than right up your ass. It’s relentless til the end. We’re not doing thrash. We’re not doing any of that stuff. It’s straight meat and potatoes. No messing around.”

In the lead up to the new album, Kiss will definitely be present, and Simmons says having Motley Crue on board for their summer run just assures that it will be an all-around kick ass rock show. He says, “It’s been phenomenal. We come out there and we will kick you in the nuts as soon as we can.”

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