The newest mobile vendor has arrived in Twin Falls. Knockerball is a one-of-a-kind family fun activity that is now available for private parties and more.

What Exactly Is Knockerball?

Have you seen those giant inflatable balls that you can climb inside and roll around or bounce off things? Yes, it is exactly that. There are several different types of inflatable balls you can safely knock around your friends and family! It is family-friendly, safe, and pretty great exercise. I just want to climb in one and roll down a hill.

How Does The Mobile Vendor Work?

You can rent an arena, basically a boxing ring for the knockerballs, and the balls themselves. They will come and set it up at a private party or at other events. Prices range based on how many different knockerballs you want to rent and if you want the arena. You don't have to have the arena, it just makes it a bit more controlled.

Pricing And Event Options

For a private event, you can rent 4 knockerballs for 2 hours for $225, 6 knockerballs for 2 hours for $250, and 8 knockerballs for 2 hours for $275. Add the arena for $100 and you can add additional hours for $75 per hour. At events like Western Days or the Twin Falls County Fair, you can do a pay-for-play which is $5 dollars for 5 minutes. That doesn't sound like a lot of time but run around carrying a giant inflatable ball and smack people, you will get tired. But it will be oh so fun.

They will be segregated as well. Families can be together but individuals will be placed in the arena based on size and relation to others.

You can give them a call for more details and events.

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