In last night's Cavs-Celtics game, Boston guard Evan Turner attempted something he really shouldn't have: dunking on LeBron James. One of Turner's teammates should probably have advised him against such a maneuver. As you can see above, LeBron rose up to the rim as Turner raised his arm for the dunk and ... utterly rejected the sh** out of it.

Even better, after the play LeBron made sure to let Turner know what just happened. "You tried," said the King to the young upstart who tried to show him up. "You tried." And failed.

The Cavs won again, 103–95, and James had another excellent game, scoring 31 with 11 rebounds and four steals. Turner also played well, with 19 points, eight assists and one extremely embarrassing blunder. The good news is that with the Cavs now up 3–0 in the series, pretty soon Evan Turner will have plenty of time to sit back and think about what he did.

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