So how well do you know Kevin Bacon?  And Canadians for that matter?  You better start brushing up now!  Starting Monday, January 14th at 3 PM you've got a chance to win $50 in Idaho Lottery “For The Love Of Bacon” Scratch Tickets...

Mondays at 3 PM Kendra Wolfe will ask for you to call in (208-737-60-70) and you'll play "Kevin Bacon or a Canadian?” If you answer correctly you win $50 worth of Idaho Lottery “For The Love of Bacon” Scratch Tickets!

You've got a second chance to win $100 worth of Idaho Lottery “For The Love of Bacon” Scratch Tickets right now in the Snake VIP Club!

We're doing this every Monday at 3 PM, starting January 14th till Monday, January 28th.  Good luck and eat some might help!


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