This year the Lights and Laser Show has been turned into "Shoshone Falls After Dark" and it is going to look a little different, but in so many good ways. There will be more opportunities for you to see the lights and it won't be a set time.

Basically, this year the lights will be available for viewing May 14th through May 31st as soon as it gets dark. You will be able to go in and out as you please so there will be no having to ride a bus to get to the lights, they will be happening after dark each day.

By clicking this link you can reserve your time and get a vehicle pass.

The lights are going to be beautiful and the event is now going to be available for more people to see. I think this is a brilliant idea. Southern Idaho Tourism has been testing the lights for the last few weeks. With the water falls beginning to flow at a higher rate as well it is going to be epic.

I like the idea of having it be more casual and after hours. I think it will be much less crowded. There will be food vendors there for snacks and drinks so that is going to be super helpful as well.

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May 14th through May 31st. I am so excited to be able to go see it this year. I am way more likely to go check it out now.

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