Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies like dogs.  When they come across a canine on the loose, they’ve got a corral where they can safely keep the animals.  Pictures were posted on the agency’s Facebook page with the hope of reconnecting the dogs and families, however.  Some of the mastiffs don’t necessarily like being caged.  If you check out the video with the enclosed post, you can see a deputy in great physical condition struggling to confine a Saint Bernard.  The big friendly pup is fine until it comes to confinement.

Unless the animal was eating a family out of house and home, I can’t imagine anyone abandoning such a valuable breed.  Puppies that have good breeding lines can fetch thousands of dollars.

The dog in Lincoln County likes people.  He enjoyed his time hanging out so much with strangers that he didn’t go home.  I haven’t seen any updates, so I’m not sure if he’s still in doggy jail.

I give credit to the deputies for taking such good care of the animals.  The canine hotel is often full, judging by the posts I see on the office’s Facebook page.

By the way, the breed didn’t carry casks of brandy when rescuing pilgrims in the Alps.  Bugs Bunny cartoons had a good one on this myth.  The dog completes the rescue and then mixes and downs a martini from the cask.  If you click on the video below, you’ll see the dog and James Bond share a predilection for how the drink is prepared.

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