Toys: Funko's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Mystery Minis look... out of this world. [Funko]


Cheonsang Cheonha Sailor Moon

Toys: The upcoming Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon dolls from Korea's Cheonsang Cheonha don't have an ego, they just have big heads. [Crunchyroll]


Movies: Walt Disney Studios Japan is delaying its The Collected Works of of Director Hayo Miyazaki set to July 2 so it can scrub Chage and Aska's "On Your Mark" video following Aska being arrested for drug possession. [ANN]


bettsu Kamen Rider Gundam figures

Customs: Bettsu's Gundam/Kamen Rider Gaim action figure mashups are transformative. [HenshinJustice]


DBX screens

Gaming: A new Dragon Ball Z fighting game is on the way to the PlayStation 4... soon... and there's new screens to prove it. [DBX]


Video: Toy Pizza looks at some of the most famous X-Men toys over the years in time for X-Men: Days of Future Past. [ToyPizza]

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