For fans of all things relating to interplanetary travel, futuristic technologies, or fictional films with plots that center around aliens, warp-speed traveling space crafts or butt-kicking, android superheros, your day to completely geek out is almost here.

National Science Fiction Day is approaching Twin Falls. While I do enjoy just about all things that relate to science fiction, there are many others out there that are much more hardcore than I. While I may not have seen every Star Trek or Star Wars remake yet, I do gently flip through the pages of my 1955 Classics Illustrated #124 "The War of the Worlds" comic book by H.G. Wells from time to time.

When it comes to Sci-Fi television shows, I admit, I'm more an old school fan. I grew up watching William Shatner as James Tiberious Kirk, and other shows like Battlestar Gallactica and Twilight Zone. As far as motion pictures go, the majority of my all-time favorites are of this genre. "Gattaca," "Contact," "The Martian," "Interstellar," "Gravity," "The Abyss," "The Thing," and "Blade Runner," are all movies I'll watch over and over again.

With the new film "Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker," currently crushing it in the theaters, I'm sure many of you will be celebrating January 2, 2020, by taking in a viewing. I am surrounded at work by fans of Sci-Fi also. Anytime a national day celebrating anything to do with science fiction film or TV comes up, it usually means a workday full of themed treats and games. It's how I became the 2018/2019 Tribble-Toss champion.

Haters gonna hate!

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