The city of Oakley, Idaho, is full of wonderful, uncommon rock formations and canyons, that many people spend time hiking and studying in their free time. One local vlogger recently featured an area of the region known for its coned landscape.

Tee Pee Rocks can be found in Oakley, and is a labyrinth of spiral rock formations and trails that resembles something from a science fiction movie. It's about a 55 mile drive, southeast of Twin Falls, and is located near the City of Rocks. It's a hiker, and ATV owner's paradise.

Recently, local outdoor enthusiast and vlogger Hey Arnel spent some time wandering throughout this region of southern Idaho. A video he posted earlier in 2020 to YouTube titled, "Tee Pee Rocks," takes its viewers on a relaxing, visually-impressive stroll along the many trails found there.

Arnel's channel is full of superiorly-produced short videos that chronicle the beauty of life in southern Idaho, including off the beaten path excursions not of your garden variety. His blending of visual and musical components within these videos, which are generally created through a combination of drone and handheld devises, are mesmerizing.

For directions to Tee Pee Rocks, click here. Arnel admits in the production that the area is a bit difficult to find, and gives viewers specific instructions on how to reach some the spots he showcases. Parking near Trapper Creek Road is recommended.

Having traveled to the City of Rocks area before a couple of times, I could easily spend a weekend exploring this amazing area of southern Idaho. Much appreciation to Arnel, for taking us on yet another cool trip.

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