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When people ask couples where they met, some common responses tend to be getting introduced by friends, they worked together, a party or gathering, or maybe while on vacation. It's not often however we hear a successful courting between two people began in the whiskey isle at the local liquor store.

I met my wife in 2006 in the basement of the Lucky Bar USA  in northern California. You won't find much information on the place because it closed about a year after it opened, due to the combination of a lawsuit and owed back taxes. I was deejaying at the time she walked in with her friend Alicia.

Normally, meetings in such establishments tend to not withstand the test of time. However, when two people do come into contact with one another surrounded by booze filled walls (like we did), it doesn't always have to spell failure.

A Twin Falls man is torturing himself mentally for not extending a proper introduction at a Kimberly Road liquor store on Monday (January 4) to a woman who was driving a black Volkswagen.

"Can't stop thinking about how good you looked," said the man in the Craigslist/missed connections post from four days ago.

Let's see if we can't help end this guy's suffering by informing our black, VW driving, liquor-store-visiting friends, that this post exists.




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