This is the world we live in, my kids are keeping an eye on gas prices and they can’t even drive.

Cheapest Gas Prices In The Magic Valley

When I was a child I didn't pay attention to anything, especially gas prices. I look back on my life and I didn’t pay attention to car types and brands, I only knew that they looked different and came in a variety of colors. I didn’t pay attention when my parents would drive around to where we were, so when I started driving I was horrible with directions and street locations. There are times when I worry that my kids aren’t paying attention to the world, but maybe they are actually more aware than I ever was.

How To Find The Best Gas Prices In Twin Falls

My kids keep an eye out on gas prices and love telling me when a price goes up or down and if it is cheaper down the street. Not everyone has gas-advisory children like I do, but there is still an easy way to find the cheapest gas in town, and it isn’t at Taco Bell.

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There are apps you can download to your phone or websites you can check to find the best gas prices in town without having to drive around burning gas while you search. Gas Buddy is a popular and easy-to-use option that gives you a list of gas stations in order of cheapest to most expensive.

Easy Ways To Find Great Gas Prices In Idaho

You should also know that the cheapest posted gas price isn’t always the cheapest gas option. Many gas stations have their own app or loyalty programs that offer gas discounts. So even if gas is $4.36 at Walmart across town and $4.40 at a Shell station near your house, with the Fuel Rewards app you can get Shell gas for $4.35. Not only do you get gas for a penny cheaper per gallon but you don’t have to drive across town (burning gas) for a lower gas price.

Apps To Find Best Gas Prices In Twin Falls

Here are a few gas station apps you should have in Twin Falls if you want the best gas price when you fill your tank.

You can also enroll in rewards programs with many grocery stores to earn gas discounts.

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