Among the flood of information pouring out from today's tragic Los Angeles International Airport shooting, it seems the incident carried with it an unexpected TV side effect. Amid all the chaos, the shooting also apparently interrupted the first day of production for 'Mad Men''s final season, which had been filming at the airport in one of the terminals nearby.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, nether AMC nor Lionsgate had any comment about the apparent interruption to production, though a series grip revealed the news by tweeting: "We are filming at LAX. Gun fire. Locked down. Evacuating Terminal 4. Forced back inside for safety." The tweets were deleted earlier today.

As tends to be the case with the notoriously secretive series, it remains unclear what the content of the LAX scene was, or who, if any of the stars were present for the shooting. The final season of AMC's Emmy-winnning drama will be filmed under its regular production schedule, though the network intends to air 7 episodes in 2014, and the final 7 in 2015 as a means to add longevity.

We'll update with the latest information on 'Mad Men' season 7 production, particularly to see if AMC has any statement regarding the events that took place earlier today. In the meantime, here's something we can all get behind:

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