TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The Boy Scouts of America in the Magic Valley announced it has merged with the eastern Oregon and west Idaho group to consolidate operations into one group. On Monday, Feb. 3 the soon to be former President of the Snake River Council Bret Belnap said the boards of the Ore-Ida and Snake River councils voted to merge into one called the Mountain West Council, which should be complete in a couple of weeks.

The Snake River Council will now be formed into a single district called the Snake River District. "We're excited for this merger. It brings together great resources both in camps and properties, but also in advisers, and leadership, to where we can develop and continue to give a quality Scouting program for the families in southern Idaho and in western Idaho." said Belnap.

The move comes after the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormon, made the decision to not sponsor Boy Scout groups and form their own in-house program which has resulted in reduced numbers for the local Boy Scouts programs.

Belnap said five new sponsors came forward to host scouts and invited more to come forward. The Mountain West Council will have about 2,700 youth in 130 units that will encompass the area from Burns, Oregon to Burley, Idaho.

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