The Magic Valley husband struggle is real. I have no doubt Magic Valley wives could claim the same. But, there's a new invention that could make life easier on everyone. They're called "husband pods" and I think the Magic Valley Mall needs these right now.

The Telegraph shared a story about a mall in China that has installed what is basically a man entertainment center. They have a chair, computer monitor, gamepad and computer. Ladies drop their husbands off in these pods while they shop.

Here are the obvious benefits:

  • Women shop without the depressed looking husband hanging over their shoulder
  • Man is entertained by video games without having to tell his wife for the 8th time that her butt does not look too big in those jeans
  • When wife is done shopping, man is easy to find in his pod

Why hasn't this happened already?

For now, my wife will have to settle for me and the kids killing time in Gamestop (or other shops built for big 12-year-olds). (*sigh*)

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