That is a lot of alliteration right there. There seems to be more and more mullets popping up on country boy heads all over the Magic Valley. Is the mullet mania here to stay or is it more for comedy or nostalgia?

The suggestion was posed to me that the mullet is making a comeback because it is funny or nostalgic. Some people even say that it takes a special type of person to wear a mullet otherwise the mullet wears the person. I am not sure how these guys do it but it makes total sense seeing these photos.

Stan Sorenson from The Barber Shop at Gehrig Dale and Co has been sharing all the over the top mullets they have gladly provided to their customers. One of their barbers Zach Olsen sports one himself. At one point he even permed it. Bravo.


So tell me, is the mullet really making a come back? Ladies, do you find the mullet sexy? Gentlemen, would you wear a mullet or do you think you can pull it off? Is this real life because I am really starting to think I am living in the Twilight Zone somewhere in the 80s.

Honestly the photos of the kids are adorable. Children easily can pull off the mullet. Kids can do anything and still be adorable. If you are sporting a mullet make sure you let us see it.

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