GOODING, Idaho (KMVT) - A Gooding man is being charge with second degree murder after allegedly killing another man with a .38 caliber pistol. Jimmie O’Neal Sr., 62, was arraigned in Gooding County magistrate court Thursday morning after allegedly shooting a 34-year-old Gooding resident in the left shoulder Wednesday evening.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Gooding Police responded to 235 Second Ave. East in Gooding for a report of a man who’d been shot and was taken to North Canyon Medical Center. When officers arrived at the scene there was some confusion over who the shooter was. One witness pointed to the O'Neal who was being attended by medical personnel for chest pain. According to court documents, the gun was taken out of O’Neal’s jacket pocket and placed it in a secure location. Court documents identified the victim, Steven Lawrence, died of his injuries at the hospital. According to court documents, O’Neal approached Lawrence after, Lawrence allegedly took a cellphone away from a family member and pushed that person to the ground. O’Neal told police he took his pistol with him since he knew Lawrence also carried a gun.

On his way to Lawrence’s house, O’Neal said he moved his pistol from his waistband to his coat pocket. When O’Neal arrived at the house, the door was unlocked and he found Lawrence locked in an upstairs room. O’Neal told police he yelled at Lawrence to come out of the room, and Lawrence told him to leave several times. O’Neal said he used his left shoulder in an attempt to force himself into the locked room, while putting his right hand on the pistol to keep it from falling out of his picket, court documents said. O’Neal said when he attempted to enter the room he could see Lawrence allegedly holding up a black pistol pointing in O’Neal’s direction.

O’Neal said when he raised his pistol it went off and he thought he fired toward the right of Lawrence and missed him. O’Neal told police he saw Lawrence fall across the bed and saw blood on Lawrence’s left shoulder. Lawrence got up and asked O’Neal to dial 911. When police arrived, they took O’Neal’s pistol. According to court documents, O’Neal told police he was tired of a family member being abused. O’Neal said he intended to confront Lawrence, but not shoot him.

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