Police in a small, mountainous community of central California had reportedly been looking for days for a man wandering the streets dressed as the world's favorite web-slinger. An identification and subsequent arrest were made recently after a pair of minors reported that the costume-clad individual approached them in an area park asking for sex.

We've all heard of the "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." It's been a catchy opening jingle since the late sixties when the first Spider-Man cartoon was released. One man in the community of Twain Harte reportedly took friendly to an unsettling and illegal place and is now facing felony charges.

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Details of the strange case were reported by the Union Democrat, a small newspaper serving the city of Sonora and surrounding Tuolumne County communities. The arrest of a 27-year-old local man was made after police learned of his identity and found the costume in his home, according to the newspaper. A video of the individual wearing the Spider-Man costume at a local park was apparently shared on Snapchat before the arrest.

Twain Harte is located approximately 90 miles southeast of Sacramento and is named after the authors Mark Twain and Bret Harte, who both had ties to the area. The west entrance to Yosemite National Park is just 60 miles from the community.

California Man Dressed As Spider-Man Busted for Seeking Sex In Park

In the United States, soliciting sex in a public park is illegal, and the fact minors were involved makes the matter that much more serious. There have been no new developments in this case since the December arrest.

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