Austin George Toner Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center

A south Idaho construction worker is behind bars for reportedly stealing items from a building that was being remodeled in Rupert, and bragging about it on the Internet.

Austin George Toner, 22, is currently being held at Burley's Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center for stealing various items from a building that was being renovated for the Rupert Police Department.

"The building was being remodeled, so that's how he was able to gain access," said Detective Sam Kuoha, who was the arresting officer. "He's no longer doing construction."

Toner has been charged with burglary, petty theft and grand theft, according to Kuoha. Toner reportedly bragged about the crime on social media. Information about which site the perpetrator confessed to the crime on could not be released at this time.

There were reportedly others involved in the crime, but again, that information has not been made public yet.

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