Back to the Future day was October 21st but it appears Marty McFly and his DeLorean was spotting in Twin Falls Tuesday October 29th. He must have been running late and made a pit stop.

Maybe Marty didn't have enough juice to get all the way back to October 21st or maybe he overshot it and made it to October 29th, depending on which movie you want to reference.

Driving around town yesterday we saw the DeLorean and everyone in the vehicle stopped mid-conversation to point out the vehicle. It even has the iconic doors that lift up. It obviously isn't Marty McFly, it isn't the doc but it is still a really cool car. I would love to drive an iconic car like that.


The only way that it would have been an even better experience would be if we were on the highway and the vehicle went flying by us at 88 miles per hour.

There have been some pretty cool vehicles that have made a stop in Twin Falls. We had the Rick and Morty mobile that stopped in Twin Falls. I was so sad I missed that one. Obviously Idaho is known for the iconic Idaho Potato truck that travels the country. KEZJ studios were lucky enough to have the giant peanut mobile stop by the parking lot and chat with us as well. Then there was that one time that people around Twin Falls had the chance to see the crazy awesome car from Mad Max.