Whether you like yours with extra pickles or without onions, smothered in melted cheese or topped with bacon, you'll be excited to know May is National Hamburger Month.

National Hamburger Month isn't exactly a sanctioned event and greeted with the same fervor as, say, Memorial Day, but it does have roots. White Castle, which celebrates its 90th anniversary this month, reportedly created the gimmick in 1992.

In honor of the momentous occasion, 20,000 people responded to a Whataburger survey on its Facebook page asking what their favorite burger from the restaurant is. The big winner? One that comes with mustard, cheese, bacon and jalapenos, served on the restaurant's trademark Texas toast.

Of course, there isn't just one kind of burger, a food is as American as the apple pie you can't eat for dessert if you stuff your face with enough of the beef.

So, enjoy your burgers -- whichever way you like 'em. And be sure to catch your breath in June because July is National Hot Dog Month.

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