Meat Loaf is set to star in Ghost Wars, a new Syfy show that just started production.

The show will air in the U.S., and will be available internationally on Netflix later this year, according to Gizmodo. Vincent D’Onofrio will co-star in the 13-episode season, along with Kim Coates, Avan Jogia and Kristin Lehman.

Simon Barry, the mind behind Continuum and Van Helsing, created the paranormal action series, which is now shooting in Vancouver. It’s set in an isolated Alaskan town, where the local outcast has to overcome his own demons, not to mention the town’s, to save them all from an invasion.

Ghost Wars is not just a contemporary homage to classic psychological horror, it’s also an opportunity to tell stories about human politics and how we shape our beliefs and lives based on our individual perspectives and biases,” Barry said (via Deadline). “Science, humanism, religion and the paranormal all get a seat at the table.”

It’s not a first stab at acting for Meat Loaf, who considered himself an actor before he was a musician. He got his start in a traveling stage production of Hair, and has taken on roles in a number of stage productions and movies, including in Fight Club, as well as that of Eddie in the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. He's also appeared in lesser-known films like Out of Bounds and The Squeeze, among dozens of other roles over the years. Meat Loaf's other TV credits include the series' Lightning Force, The Outer Limits and Tales From the Crypt.

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