We found a Seattle Seahawks fan who took his obsession for Marshawn Lynch to a whole new level.

This Seattle native told us he used over 3,000 Skittles and that it took "900 man hours" to create his head-to-toe Skittles-covered suit. Lynch, of course, is well known for his love of the candy.

"One Skittle at a time, bro," the fan said. "You stick it down, hold it there till it dries."

With all the time it took to put this together, I immediately pictured this guy unemployed, sitting in his mother's basement, gluing Skittles all day. But yet somehow he was taken aback when I asked if he had a job.

"Yeah I have a job! I hope so! How did I pay for them?!" he said.

Oh, and for everyone wondering? Yes, it's battery-pack operated as well where "BOOM" and "BEAST MODE" light up.

"When it's dark out, this will be amazing!" he said.

We salute you, Skittles man!

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