In case you haven't heard, there will be a historic solar eclipse in August. Now, Men's Journal has listed the best places to view this amazing event. According to them, the best location is here in Idaho.

Where does Men's Journal recommend watching the sun go dark? Answer: Stanley, Idaho. Stanley is listed as their #1 place for eclipse viewing. Why Stanley? Here's Men's Journal's reasoning:

...camping near Stanley in central Idaho puts you much closer to the center line, which runs just south of here between Idaho 75 and the long-since sold out Redfish Lake Lodge. Since August is also the driest month of the year in Stanley, there's little chance of getting rained out here.

The exact date of the solar eclipse is Monday, August 21, 2017. NASA has set up a website completely devoted to this event. They even have a guide to planning your own eclipse party. No one knows how to party quite like a NASA scientist.

If you're not up to a drive to Stanley, you can live-stream the eclipse through numerous websites.

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