We all know that Idaho is an amazing place to live. But, there are some cities in the Gem state that have been ranked among the best of the best in the country to live.

According to Money.com, Meridian sits at No. 9 on the list of 'Best Place to Live in America Right Now." KTVB reports that the reason it got such high ratings is due to "employment prospects, good schools and family-friendly activities."

Now, this ranking didn't come easy. According to KTVB, Money.com "analyzed 1,796 American cities by comparing economic health, cost of living, ethnic and economic diversity, public education, income, health and safety, ease of living, and amenities."

So, with so many great cities around the country, No. 9 says quite a bit about Meridian. The top three spots went to Fishers, Indiana (No. 3), Round Rock, Texas (No. 2), and Clarksville, Tennessee (No. 1).

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