It is really hard to choose one thing in Idaho that is the best or most beautiful, but Mesa Falls may just be close to the top of the list. Idaho is full of beauty. From the South Hills in autumn, the Shoshone Falls, the many wooded areas for hiking and camping, snow-covered trails in winter, and so much more. Everywhere you look there is some natural beauty. Sometimes you have to travel for the really good views though. Mesa Falls is just under 4 hours from Twin Falls and it's near Yellowstone so you could make a day trip or a weekend vacation out of a visit there.

Don't get me wrong. When the Shoshone Falls are at full flow they are beyond comparison. When they are just a trickle it opens them up for a little judgment and competition from other great waterfalls. I'd put Mesa Falls in the running next to the Shoshone Falls based on the video above. I'd even say, again based on just the video posted above, that the Mesa Falls are better than my personal favorite Southern Idaho waterfall in Box Canyon.

Beautiful Box Canyon Waterfall and River

Picture proof that the waterfall in Box Canyon is the most beautiful in Idaho.

Of course, since this is Idaho and we love our kayaks there's even a video of someone kayaking down the Mesa Falls.

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Which waterfall in Southern Idaho is your favorite? Have you been to a waterfall somewhere else that you think, is better than anything we have here in Idaho?

Best Waterfalls Of Southern Idaho

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