What's Metallica frontman James Hetfield's favorite drug? Here's a clue: It's not a drug! In a new, revealing interview with Hetfield, the man speaks about family life, recovering from alcohol abuse and fan validation becoming "the most amazing drug" Hetfield has ever allowed into his body.

In a duo of clips titled 'Road Recovery Up-Close,' fans get a deeply personal look into one of metal's all-time greatest frontmen thanks to Road Recovery, an organization dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and more.

"I've gone through horrible stuff," Hetfield begins. "And with the survival techniques that I've had, learned as a kid -- they worked then, they don't work anymore. I've got new tools, I've got new hope, new love, new respect for myself, and I get the validation."

"That's been another interesting thing in my life," Hetfield continues. "You know, growing up the shyest kid on the block, and being handed this, I guess, a gift of music, and I've been seeking validation my whole life and looking for it everywhere. I wanna people please. I want you to like me, I do. But I'm gonna go out of my way and entertain you into liking me. So seeking validation from the fans. That's like the most amazing drug I've ever taken, and it can really f--- me up."

The Metallica frontman goes on, "I can sit and say a message of my story, my recovery, my struggle… and I have done that in lyrics. And then when I get up onto the stage, there's people out there that like what we do — the band Metallica — or like the lyrics that I've been writing, because they share that. But, you know, there's times when I struggle with validation. I get up on stage and think, 'I'm the s--t. I feel good, 'cause I am King S--t here.' And then I go home, off the road, and I don't have that, and I'm just me. I'm just dad. I'm just a husband, and there's a pile of dishes waiting right over there. And [I'm like] 'Don't you know who I am?' It's, like, 'Yeah. You're my husband. Get over there and do the dishes.' 'You're my dad. Drive me to school.' That can be the toughest validation to get from my family at times. And I don't have to do anything but just be… just be and be there. That's unconditional love." [via Blabbermouth]

Check out the full clip of Hetfield above, along with an earlier video released from the same sit-down below.

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James Hetfield - 'Road to Recovery - Up Close' (Part 1)

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