This past Sunday the Miami Dolphins suspended teammate Richie Incognito on charges of bullying a younger teammate, who has left the team, named Jonathan Martin.  Oh and this is not the first time Mr. Incognito has been known to bully.

Wait a minute.  You're saying that grown men are bullying each other on the same team?  Actually, yes, that's what I'm saying.

According to USA Today:

It was early 2002 — long before Incognito was accused of similar behavior with the Miami Dolphins. Incognito was just a freshman at Nebraska, but that didn't stop him from picking fights or harassing teammates, in this case a non-scholarship offensive lineman named Jack Limbaugh. Incognito plowed into Limbaugh's back during practice, knocking him to the ground for no apparent reason.

So why is this ass hat still employed?  He's talented.  He's good at his job.  However, when your attitude starts affecting the rest of the team (PS the Dolphins suck), that's when your talent is not enough.  According to me, at least.

Maybe the Miami Dolphins would win more games if they worked together as a team and not bullied each other.

Have you ever been bullied at work?