MIDDLETON, Idaho (KLIX) – A number of staffers in the Middleton School District thought it was a good idea to dress in costume as they did on Wednesday for Halloween. They’re finding out now that maybe they should have made other costume decisions.

About a dozen teachers at Heights Elementary School dressed up as parts of a “wall” that, when standing beside each other, read “Make America Great Again” while other staff members dressed up as stereotypical Mexicans with sombreros and ponchos.

The district originally shared photos of the costumes on its Facebook page, but it since has deleted the post but not before others shared the images, including some media outlets such as KTVB. The images are causing a stir in the small Idaho community and beyond.

On Friday, Superintendent Dr. Josh Middleton apologized in a Facebook live post, saying the decision to wear the costumes was "clearly insensitive and inappropriate."

He said though he doesn’t believe there was any ill intent by the teachers to don the costumes, he was disappointed by the decision of the staff to dress as they did.

"We are better than this," he said in the video, but noting that now that the heat has been turned on "we have to own this."

News Radio 1310 has reached out to the school district for comment.

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