Well, that was unexpected. I mean, we knew Pixar and ABC were working on a followup to last year's exceptionally great Toy Story Of Terror! Halloween special, this one called Toy Story That Time Forgot, but we really didn't anticipate Mike Mignola to be the one selected to make it official in an inescapably cool Comic-Con exclusive poster.

The Hellboy cartoonist's illustration expresses the peril that will befall Pixar's most enduringly popular heroes in the new special, which is said to find Woody, Buzz Lightyear and, notably, Trixie the triceratops when they are thrust into the unknown in a conflict with “the coolest set of action figures ever”, who naturally turn out to be extremely insane. Voiced by 30 Rock's brilliant Kristen Schaal, Trixie emerged as one of the breakout characters of Toy Story 3 and is the only familiar toy to make an appearance on Mignola's poster.

Copies were given to fans at today's Toy Story That Time Forgot panel at Comic-Con.

For more Mignola at Comic-Con, check out the cartoonist's appearances schedule on Facebook.

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