Milner's Gate has been hosting private events for a while now. But officially, they have said they tentatively have an official opening date that is subject to change.

According to a source in the restaurant, the tentative opening date for Milner's Gate will be February 19th. Now, this is subject to change. While opening a new place there is always some issues that could arise and they may have to push it back just a little bit. I was personally hoping to have it open by Valentine's Day.

They have been hosting events like Chamber of Commerce and charity events for a few months, giving people a taste of what is to come. I went on Saturday and the appetizers I was able to try were killer and they do have a liquor license. The ambiance is beautiful and it seems like it will be a great place to spend an evening.

Brad went to an event there and said the dinner he had was stellar and the service was great. So tentatively, they will be open on February 19th. Good luck getting in because it is going to be one of the busiest and happening places down town for a while.

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