There are many things I never thought would happen. Pigs flying, hell freezing over and the railroad track at the intersection of Blue Lakes and Kimberly getting fixed. Shocking news: that last one appears to have happened.

For as long as I can remember, driving over the railroad tracks when you're on Blue Lakes crossing Kimberly felt like taking your life into your own hands. I was convinced that it wasn't fixed because people that sell tires in Twin Falls were making tons of money on repairs and replacements thanks to the big piece of metal that was sticking up there.

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Google Maps

We have some listeners that work for the railroad, so maybe one of them can confirm if it was actually the railroad that fixed this vehicular tire killer? It was either that or some frustrated driver finally snapped and got out of their car/truck and smoothed it out with a hammer. Either way, I am happy because you can now drive over this intersection like a regular person. Miracles do happen.

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