UPDATE: The boy has been returned safely home to Boise by his mother.

(Original Story) Police in southwest Idaho are trying to locate a 2-year-old, African American boy and his mother. The boy went missing from his Boise home on the morning of June 14.

The missing boy, known only by the name Bentley, disappeared Friday morning while under the supervision of a what is being reported as a caretaker, according to details provided by ktvb.com. Information on whether this caretaker is related to the young boy hasn't been released.

The boy is thought to have gone missing sometime between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 2:00 a.m., in the area of 24th Street and Regan. Law enforcement was able to contact the child's mother just before 4 a.m., in which she informed police she had Bentley under her supervision.

Bentley has curly, dark hair, and was last seen wearing a grey shirt. His mother drives a blue, 2011 Honda. Please contact the Boise City Police Department, at 208-570-6000, if you have seen Bentley.




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