While it's not the major tremor that scientists have predicted for the Pacific Northwest, a moderate earthquake shook Seattle tonight.

This is one to get your attention. The USGS registered it as a 4.2 with the epicenter located just west of the Seattle metro.

While most reports are that this quake was relatively weak, according to the USGS "Did You Feel It?" map, it was felt through many parts of the Seattle area of Washington state with over 2,200 people reporting some level of shaking.


As you may recall, there are many scientists that expect a major quake and tsunami in this region and held the Cascadia Rising 2016 drills last year. There are predictions of a quake as large as a 9.0 hitting Seattle at some point. Truly scary stuff.

UPDATE: There has now been a 4.8 centered off the coast of Seattle.

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