This time at the national level.

The notion that we have 50 sovereign states is a very outdated concept.  Ever since the launch of the “Progressive Era” at the beginning of the last century, we’ve seen a federal government grow in power and render everything beyond the Potomac River a province.  This wouldn’t be such a threat to the federalism envisioned by our founders if the movement hadn’t been taken over by social engineers.  Twenty years ago we called them the politically correct.  Today they’re known as the “woke”.

When Idaho passed a pair of laws involving people known as transgender, you knew there was going to be an effort from the outside to punish traditional values.  One of the laws prohibits biological boys from competing against girls in high school and college sports.

When I was a teenager, there was a guy at my school who tried out for the cheerleading squad.  He figured it would be an easy way to meet girls.  And at the college level the men on the same squads perform acrobatic feats and can bellow the cheers to a full stadium.  He lasted only a few days.  The other fellows gave him such a hard time that he quit.

Nobody, I mean nobody, among the boys would’ve considered competing against girls on the field of play.  Times have definitely changed.  If anyone were to be picked on today for identifying as a girl and running women’s track, the students doing the razzing would be forced to walk the plank.  There would be suspensions, sensitivity training and a mark on your record for the remainder of your days.

Idaho’s effort to restore cultural sanity has raised the ire of the NCAA and the State of California.  Which is banning official business to Idaho (a guy told me yesterday fewer Californians is a good thing).  While the “woke” apply pressure, there is an effort at the national level to coerce the provinces.  You can learn more by clicking here.

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