A new custom fightpad for Mortal Kombat X has made its first appearance at the GameStop retail expo.

The wired controller, which features an image of series favorite Scorpion on the front, is a repaint of PDP’s popular fightpad, originally introduced as an unofficial accessory for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Rather than a D-pad or an analog stick, the fightpad features a truncated joystick that can be used with the thumb, and utilizes micro-switches for superior control. The 2x3 button layout, ideal for most major fighting games, is also backed by micro-switches, ensuring clean, precise inputs during heated battles. Even the oblong shape and six-foot wire are perfect for fighters, giving players the option to press buttons with either thumbs or fingers and ensuring the quickest response time between inputs and on-screen actions.

The display at the GameStop expo shows the controller as available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but it is unknown if there will be versions for the Xbox 360 and PS3. GameSpot reports that Jeb Bailey, CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios, published the pictures on his Instagram page, adding that the controllers are pending approval.

While some fighting game aficionados may balk at the idea of a tournament quality handheld controller, in my experience, the PDP fightpad is every bit as nimble, precise and effective as a high-end joystick, and offers a great alternative to those who would rather fight with their thumbs than with their wrists. Its only problem is that the micro-switches tend to wear out quickly, eventually rendering the controller useless. Hopefully, PDP will upgrade the quality of its components for this new release, and give us a fightpad that  can survive the rigors of Mortal Kombat X.

Jeb Bailey
Jeb Bailey

Even the best controller in the world wouldn't qualify you as one of the Best Mans at Karate.

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