Halloween is a headache for some people and pure excitement and fun for others! You get to decorate you house, buy candy, plan a party (or plan to attend one), and figure out a costume...which in my case is the hardest part. Sometimes I come up with great Halloween costume ideas...but most of the time I don't get ready in time and actually two years ago I went as a ghost. I actually cut holes in a sheet and that is what I wore.

There's no doubt that there will be tons of characters from Frozen, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Day of the Dead, all types of Superheroes, and many people will also be representing the latest trends by going as a Selfie, The Ice Bucket Challenge, and even Grumpy Cat costumes are sure make an appearance.

What are you going as? Something traditional like a witch, pirate, vampire, or ghost? Are you getting your inspiration from TV and movies like superhero costumes, zombies from the Walking Dead? Maybe you're taking a note on fashion from your favorite singer and going as Miley, Gaga, Perry, or One Direction (all of those sound horrible by the way, but you will definitely see them this year).

Leave us a comment below on your plans and come back when you have it on and leave a picture of your costume!

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