An unauthorized play about Motley Crue helmed by the playwright David Lucarelli moved Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx to issue a terse response and a warning to the band's fans.

This week, the musician indicated that ads for Lucarelli's stage production The Crue: Underneath the Dirt Lies the Truth, which is based on the rock group, used both Motley Crue's trademark and his likeness without permission, suggesting copyright infringement.

An Eventbrite webpage for The Crue shows that it bills itself as "A Completely Unauthorized Play About the World's Most Notorious Rock Band." The page also displays a photo illustration that closely evokes Sixx's visage, taking after the bassist's look in old band photos.


The illustration was swapped for a different image shortly after this post went live. On Monday (May 9), Sixx spoke on Instagram about the play.

"Fans of Motley Crue have asked about a new play by David Zucarelli's [sic] called The Crue: Underneath the Dirt Lies the Truth," he said.

"I was disappointed to see an advertisement using my image and our band's trademark 'The Crue' to promote this play," the rocker continued. "The advertising is misleading because it suggests that I and the other members of the band are somehow involved with the play."

The Crue: Underneath the Dirt Lies the Truth is set to run in June at The Flight Theater at The Complex in Los Angeles. It stars actor Ryan Ruffing as Sixx.

But according to the Crue member, the band has "never been approached about this play, and Motley Crue has no connection or affiliation."

Instead, Motley Crue will mount their twice-delayed Stadium Tour in June. Last year, Crue singer Vince Neil returned to stage after falling and breaking his ribs. Around that time, the veteran outfit reportedly sold their song catalog for $150 million.

See Sixx's statement below.

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