A week after the death of Lemmy Kilmister on Dec. 28, Motorhead's biggest hit, "Ace of Spades," is returning the to U.K. charts. And it will be at its highest-ever placement --inside the Top 10.

According to NME, the Official Charts Company has "Ace of Spades" currently at No. 9 in the midweek charts. This surpasses the song's No. 15 peak when it was first released as a single in the U.K. in 1980.

As good news as it may be to see Brits rediscovering Motorhead's music, this falls short of the intended goal of a Facebook fan community that was hoping to get the song all the way to No. 1. The top two spots on the British singles chart are being held by Justin Bieber, with "Love Yourself" at No. 1 and "Sorry" just below it.

But the Facebook group, Motorhead for No. 1, is trying to start a surge in sales that will push them ahead by the end of the week. "New Entry in at No. 9 on the Midweek Chart! So halfway through the buying week, and this is actually way better than we were expecting! Bieber is IN SIGHT," the wrote. "So let's do each other a favor ... buy another download from here (it's a quid, that's all), and click the 'share' below. Let's make the LOUDEST No. 1 ever!"

The page they've created lists links to numerous versions of the song available on iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital and Google Play. Only sales from British-based companies will be counted toward the end tally, which will be revealed on Friday.

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