The Mayhem Festival is off to a great start this summer, and fans who made their way out to catch the stop in Auburn, Wash. this past Tuesday (July 3) were treated to a surprise.

Duff McKagan, whose band Loaded toured with Motorhead this past fall, stepped out onstage to join Motorhead for a performance of their song ‘Killed by Death.’ McKagan has joined the band on the track in the past, with YouTube video footage of a performance surfacing from his appearance with Motorhead this past fall.

In his ESPN blog late last year, McKagan stated, “It’s not just the music of Motorhead that sets them apart from the rest of us. Lemmy’s no-B.S. attitude toward touring and making records and his relentless touring stamina make everyone else rather pale and weak by comparison. He is like the Brett Favre of rock ‘n’ roll … well, except Lemmy Kilmister is still playing and doesn’t cry.”

Motorhead, minus McKagan, will continue to cross the country on the Mayhem Festival this summer. Dates are booked through early August.


Watch Motorhead at Mayhem Festival with Duff McKagan on ‘Killed by Death’

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