From humble beginnings to legendary status is the epitaph inscribed on the tombstone of the American dream. And, no one knows the meaning to that battered and bruised dedication quite like Muhammad Ali.

Now, you can own a slice of the boxing legend’s humble beginnings, as Muhammad Ali’s childhood home is currently up for sale.

Steve Stephenson, who currently owns the old, one-story house in Louisville, Kentucky, says he is asking $50,000 for the property, even though Jefferson County property records indicates a current property value assessed at only $23,260.

In front of the property is a historical marker that identifies the house as the boyhood home of Ali, where the future boxing champion’s “values were instilled.”

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer says that the city is interested in doing anything it can to preserve the home and expand the legacy of the three-time world heavyweight champion, claiming, “His home serves as an inspiration for people to look at that and say, ‘If this young guy, why not me?’”

Ali never forgot where he came from and maintained his connection to his hometown throughout his career, most recently returning in January of this year to celebrate his 70th birthday.

One of Ali’s old neighbors, James Calloway, who still lives just a few houses down from the old house, remembers Ali as being very neighborly and thinks the run-down home should be turned into a museum, calling its current condition a “disgrace.”

“We all show our age…from time to time, but we’d be able to fix that up, no problem,” he said.

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