A cat named Batman has gone viral for strutting in a box along to Alice in Chains' iconic "Man in the Box." We weren't sure whether "cat in the box" or "Batman in the box" sounded better, so we're just calling him the Alice in Chains cat.

Batman doesn't actually know he's the Alice in Chains cat, he just knows how to walk around in a cardboard box. It appears all of the cats in the household like boxes, as there is another one with a hole cut out in it, but Batman's Tabby comrade seems a bit confused as he watches him stumble around.

Before you start questioning how it's physically possible for Batman to fit in such a rectangular box, you must know that he is a Munchkin cat, which are also known as Sausage cats, for their short legs and longer bodies. They're basically Dachshunds or Corgis, but in feline form.

Enough with the Animal Planet lesson, watch Batman prance in his box along to Alice in Chains' Facelift hit below, and give him a follow on the 'Gram for more metal munchkin-ness.

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