This is absolutely crazy! A fireball was seen in the sky over Idaho and it was all caught on camera. The video is out of the Boise area and the video is pretty astounding. We are getting reports that it was a meteor.

The meteor can be seen falling through the sky, I wouldn't see flying because it is definitely coming down. And it looks like it explodes behind a cloud. Stupid cloud in an inconvenient location. Regardless, this video is pretty amazing.

It definitely looks like a meteor. It is pretty spectacular footage of the incident as well. Some people have said they were able to see it all over the country and definitely all over southern Idaho. I was not fortunate enough to be outside during this time so I missed it. If you did see it you have to let us know what you thought because I would have probably been terrified.

Some of the comments about what the meteor was is pretty hilarious too. Some people are saying aliens and Transformers have officially made their way to the planet. Some people think it is baby Superman making his was down here. Others are making references to Star Wars and Dragon Ball Z. I love them all, good job on the creativity.

One day I hope to be able to see something as cool as this.

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