This might be a first for a lot of people, like myself, who don't spend much time fishing. A woman in New York just pulled this double-mouther out of Lake Champlain. Now I'm curious to see if any anglers have ever pulled anything similar out of Idaho waters.

A woman in New York named Debbie Geddes recently posted a brand new video of what appears to be a trout with two mouths. Shortly after the video went up, it reached viral status. She released the fish before sharing the stunning catch on a local Facebook page for area anglers.

The advantage to hauling in one of these is obvious. You're twice as likely to catch one. I'm no fisherman--I've probably done it four or five times in my life--but I'm guessing this is a pretty rare occurrence.

My first thought when I read the headline of this story was, state officials might want to look into the presence of any nuclear waste in the waters of Lake Champlain. My second thought was of my wife...but I'm not sure why.

How common is this? My next question is aimed at Idaho anglers. Can you ever recall pulling a two-mouthed species (of any fish) from a body of water in the Gem State?

This video is truly incredible. I wonder if there could be any two-mouthed sharks swimming around in the oceans of the planet. Chew on that one for a moment.



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